This is our programme for Wednesday 1st December 2021 @ 8:00pm BST – Clare calling to Change of Key

Dunham Oaks

Corelli’s Gavotte                                                  

Fast Packet                Hannah’s and Holly’s   

No Taxes                                     

Hop Pickers’ Feast

The Flying Sorceress

Dog Branch reel                     Bottom of the Punchbowl set

Flying Sorceress                           A Bruxa (La Bruja)

Cornish 6 hand reel                  Tarantella

In Reserve – The Winter Waltz

As well as our club callers Clare and June we like to ask callers from neighbouring clubs to call for us and so Rhodri Davies made a welcome return with a Zoom dance  in September and December 2020.  Last winter / spring  we had Norman Bearon and we welcomed Mike Barraclough for the first time!

As well as our usual Wednesday club nights we have two dances for special occasions.  Our End of Summer Saturday dance in September and our Xmas Dance on 28 December.  In 2014 on 27 August we featured Foxfire from the USA with caller Norman Bearon.  Christmas 2014 saw the return of Martyn Harvey and for our End of Summer Dance 2016 we had  a workshop and evening dance with Geoff Cubitt with resident band Change of KeyBernie Culkin has called for us recently and Rhodri Davies called for our Xmas dance 2019 and will call again for us for our End of Summer Dance on 5th September 2020.

Playford and Playford style dances are very popular in our club. Alongside those to be found in the Barnes Collection I and II are the dances from Maggot Pie and Fallibroome. Hugh Stewart’s The Country Dance Book proves very useful and typical of the contra and contemporary material the club enjoys. Other dances are from the “Ring O’ Bells” series. I use tunes from the Portland Collections amongst other books, particularly for contra dances.